Principle Health Systems helps physicians make informed decisions that positively impact patient treatment by providing superior service and a quick turnaround of accurate results. To deliver accurate, drug-specific results, Urine and Oral Swab tests are processed on highly complex LC-MS/MS technology.


Principle Health Systems has multiple specialty compounding pharmacy locations with a devotion to clinical excellence. We know it is imperative each patient gets the right medication for their individual needs. Our goal is to ensure each patient’s medications are appropriate, safe, effective, and  used correctly.


At Principle Health Systems, we provide our partnering physicians with a third-party assessment of a patient’s injury or condition.

Our Diagnostic services include:

Manual Muscle Testing
Interoperative Monitoring

Durable Medical Equipment

Principle Health Systems offers a comprehensive menu of durable medical equipment (DME) products and services to assist physicians in providing convenient and quality care to patients. Our ever increasing product selection and multi-vendor relationships provide a true one-stop-shopping experience with fast and reliable service. With PHS as your partner for DME, your clinic will have access to the best products on the market and the training and back-end support needed to ensure positive patient outcomes.


Principle Health Systems provides physicians with the resources to evaluate a patient’s genetic risk of developing primary inherited cancers over their lifetime, as well as a team of molecular diagnostic experts that helps us understand how genetic traits can influence the effectiveness of routine pharmaceutical therapies.


We provide turnkey laboratory management services within medical practices, hospitals and hospital systems


Principle Health Systems’ Comprehensive Laboratory Testing aids physicians in the early diagnosis of health issues, making it vital that patients continue testing throughout a treatment plan so physicians can keep them on the right path to optimal health and wellness.