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    Lab Services

    Mobile Phlebotomy

    We specialize in providing mobile phlebotomy services including on-site blood drawing and specimen collection.

    STAT Testing

    We offer STAT testing services for urgent cases to deliver rapid and accurate test results that support immediate medical decisions in critical situations.

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    Test Directory

    Principle Laboratory specializes in a comprehensive suite of testing options including Blood, Molecular Pathology, and Toxicology.

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    Join the PHS family for specialized laboratory testing and high-quality service delivered straight to you.

    • Molecular Pathology – 24 Hours
    • Lab Open 24/7/365
    • HL7 Integrations
    • Toxicology – 72 hours
    • User-Friendly Physician Portal
    • Custom and Critical Text and Email Alerts
    • Core Lab – 3 Hours
    • Daily DON Reporting
    • Robust Mobile Phlebotomy Team

    Industries We Serve

    Principle Laboratory is the #1 all inclusive end to end solution for home health, assisted living, skilled nursing and home based primary care laboratory services in Texas.

    Skilled Nursing Facilities

    Home Health & Hospice

    Assisted Living Facilities

    Long-Term Acute Care Hospital

    Drug & Substance Treatment Centers

    Physician Offices

    Reference Lab & Research Partnerships

    Our Partners

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    Over 2,700 Providers Across Several Fields

    • Assisted Living
    • Home Health
    • Skilled Nursing
    • Geriatrics
    • Orthopedics
    • Podiatry
    • Interventional Pain
    • Internal Medicine
    • Bariatrics
    • Ob Gyn
    • Urology
    • Neurosurgery
    • Nephrology
    • Wound Care

    Labs Located in:

    • Houston
    • Dallas/Ft.Worth
    • San Antonio
    • Austin/Temple
    • Rio Grande Valley

    Medical Lab Testing for Long-Term Care Patients

    Principle Laboratory is the leading mobile laboratory serving Williamson County, Texas. We are dedicated to serving the unique needs of long-term care patients by offering specialized lab testing services directly within their facilities. Our mobile lab teams bring essential services like blood tests, specimen collection, and STAT testing to skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, nursing homes, and hospice settings, ensuring patients receive timely and accurate diagnostics without the need to travel. Our comprehensive test menu includes:

    • Clinical Chemistry
    • Microbiology
    • Molecular Pathology
    • Toxicology

    We provide healthcare providers with a wide range of diagnostic tools to better manage hospice patient health. By integrating advanced technology and employing experienced medical professionals, we ensure that long-term care patients receive the best possible service. Our commitment to accuracy and efficiency supports medical providers in delivering exceptional patient outcomes, making us a trusted partner in the long-term care community.

    Mobile Phlebotomy Services in Round Rock, TX

    Principle Laboratory’s mobile phlebotomy services in Round Rock, TX, provide unmatched convenience and efficiency in blood drawing and specimen collection. By bringing our services directly to the patient’s location, we minimize the stress and discomfort associated with travel, making it easier for healthcare providers to manage lab orders and deliver quality care.

    We also understand the critical importance of fast and dependable test results for your patients. Principle Laboratory operates 24/7/365, offering a seamless solution for all lab testing needs at any time. Our mobile phlebotomy team is equipped with advanced tools and techniques to perform accurate and swift blood draws that minimize discomfort and stress for patients. We prioritize patient comfort and safety, so we make the drawing blood process as smooth as possible. Our commitment to excellence and patient-centered service makes us the preferred choice for mobile phlebotomy in Williamson County, Texas.

    Customer Testimonials

    We transitioned to Principle Health for our Lab Provider, in my 30 + years I have never had such a smooth transition converting to a new lab, very impressed with the professionalism and communication! Thank you Team Principle!

    Paul Wray

    Partnering with Principle Health Systems has been a game changer. Providing phlebotomy and PCR testing makes them a one stop shop for meeting patient needs. There are so many things that set this company apart. Communication, customer service, attention to detail and attitude of excellence, just to name a few. Highly recommend partnering with Prinicple Health Systems.

    Kayla Eaves

    I would have to say that working with this company has been AMAZING! My rep is exceptionally FANTASTIC in coordinating you with the proper people to obtain any itemized billing and records needed, she has DEFINITELY made my job so much easier! Thank you!

    April Onofre

    Started a relationship with Principle last year with Touchstone Communities in our Houston area Communities. That was the start. This was followed with our new company, ML Healthcare. We wanted to continue this partnership with Principle in our new facility, Cypress Pointe Health and Wellness. Working with Principle has been great! They are true Partners in our healthcare facilities. Our organization values our relationship with Principle, and we look forward to continuing this relationship in our new facility – Sylvan Shores Health and Wellness.

    Lee Rivaz

    Our Skilled Nursing Facility has used Principle Health Systems for the past three years. I have never reached out to them for assistance that I wasn’t able to connect with someone right away. They have skilled professional staff that provide excellent customer service and communication.

    Karen Johnson

    Fast and Friendly Service! Thank you Principle Health for keeping everyone safe during the testing process with your thorough cleanliness standards.

    Priscilla Diosdado

    Principle has provided great services for our companies. We provide drug and alcohol treatment services, so timeliness with tox results is extremely important. We have always found Principle and their staff to be highly professional, responsive and efficient. We strongly recommend partnering with Principle and their team for your company’s service needs.

    Joe Gardzina

    Great company to do business with. They have serviced my community and the residents and family were beyond pleased with their services!

    Brittney Richardson

    This is a top-notch lab that goes above and beyond our needs at our clinics. They have met our every need and taken the time to educate the staff whenever the need arose.

    Estella Rabbani

    Principle Health Systems is a very professional establishment that truly believes in customer service within and without of the organization. They are concerned about the needs of their patrons and believe in rectifying any matter with a positive lasting solution. They have amazing staff and awesome management which explains why they appear to be so successful.

    Kimberly Ferrell

    Fast and Friendly Service! Thank you Principle Health for keeping everyone safe during the testing process with your thorough cleanliness standards.

    Priscilla Diosdado

    Amazing company. The staff are complete pros and take care of their patients. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

    David DeCasper

    Who We Are

    Our mission is to optimize patient outcomes and experiences. PHS is committed to customer service and helping providers deliver better care through premium medical laboratory testing. Our team is proud to be one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in Texas.

    Patients are our purpose and we are honored with the privilege of supporting over one million tests annually. Reliable and dependable, we look forward to proving that we are a company that cares for your patients as much as you do!