Principle Health Systems (PHS) has a magnitude of specialty pharmaceutical locations, all with a devotion to clinical excellence. Each patient receives an individualized healthcare solution through our holistic, goal-oriented approach.

Our pharmacists strive to ensure each patient’s medications are appropriate, safe, effective, and administered correctly for their individual needs. They are always on call to answer questions and guide patients, or physicians, through advanced medical processes.

We provide counseling on medication usage, administration, storage, and potential side effects or adverse reactions. With a sizeable inventory of medicine, we can promise our patients will receive their prescriptions in a simple and timely manner. To further simplify our process, we are able to fill and directly mail each patient’s medications and therapies. 

We maintain a full-service compliance staff to perform internal audits on all of our specialty pharmaceutical locations because protecting partnering physician practices and ensuring patient safety are our top priorities.

In the ever-evolving industry of healthcare, we are always searching for new, cost-effective methods for both our physicians and patients alike.

We would like to show you more about how Principle Health Systems Specialty Pharmacies can benefit your practice. Contact us here for additional information.