Staphylococcus aureus-PCR UTI

CPT Code

87481 87640 87651 87653 87798 87816

Specimen Type


Container Type

Sterile Specimen ContainerESWABGray Top Urine C&S Preservative TubeUrine Preservative Tiger Top


Sterile Specimen Container or ESWAB or Gray Top Urine Tube-Room Temperature- 48 hours, 2-8°C, 72 hours, Preservative Tiger Top-Room Temperature-72 hours, 2-8°C, 5 days

Handling Instructions

Refrigerate if possible

Clinical Notes

The purpose of this assay is to detect and identify urinary tract pathogens collected in urine specimens obtained from individuals exhibiting signs and symptoms of urinary tract infection. Antibiotic ressistance will be tested in the event of a positive.