Alkaline Phosphatase

CPT Code


Specimen Type


Container Type

Serum Separator Tube (SST)/Yellow


Room Temperature, 7 days; 2-8 °C 7 days; -20°C, 2 months

Handling Instructions

Allow to clot for 30 mins, centrifuge within 2 hours

Clinical Notes

This test measures alkaline phosphatase, which is a type of enzyme. The typical measurement for this test is international units per liter (IU/L), a standardized measurement utilized by most laboratories that is based on the biological activity of ALP. The exact function of ALP in the body is not fully understood, but researchers believe it to be important to multiple different processes. ALP can be found in the liver, bones, placenta of pregnant women, intestine, kidneys, and in other parts of the body. Abnormal levels in the blood can reflect damage to tissue or disruption of normal processes in the body