3 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test

CPT Code


Specimen Type


Container Type

Serum Separator Tube (SST) or Gray Top (Sodium Fluoride)


Room Temperature, 2 days; 2-8°C, 7 days; -20°C, 3 months

Handling Instructions

SST-Allow to clot for 30 mins, centrifuge within 2 hours; Glucose specmen stabilized with Sodium Fluoride

Clinical Notes

Blood glucose determinations are the most frequently performed clinical chemistry laboratory procedures, commonly used as an aid in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. Elevated glucose levels (hyperglycemia) may also occur with pancreatic neoplasm, hyperthyroidism, and adrenal cortical hyperfunction as well as other disorders. Decreased glucose levels (hypoglycemia) may result from excessive insulin therapy or various liver diseases.