Houston, TX Skilled Nursing Facility Lab Services (SNF)

Specialized Lab Testing for Long-Term Care Facilities

  • Bedside STAT Testing
  • Mobile Phlebotomy
  • Clinical Chemistry: 8 Hour Blood TAT
  • Molecular Pathology: 24-Hour TAT on UTI, Wound, and Nail
  • Point Click Care Orders and Results Integration

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    SNF Medical Lab Testing Services

    Mobile Phlebotomy

    Principle Labs specializes in mobile phlebotomy for skilled nursing patients in Harris County including onsite sample collection and fast processing. Our team is skilled in venipuncture for geriatric populations and works well with elderly residents. We streamline the testing process to provide the highest level of precision, efficiency, and patient care.

    Blood Testing

    Our state-of-the-art laboratory provides a large catalog of blood testing services including chemistry, hematology, coagulation, immunoassay, and HPLC. With a 8-hour turnaround time (TAT) on clinical chemistry blood tests, we deliver rapid results that both providers and patients can access online as soon as they become available.

    Specialty Testing

    Principle Laboratory provides specialty testing including molecular pathology for UTI, nail, and wound to expedite results and provide guidance on treatment options. We also specialize in diagnostic testing for infectious disease and pharmacogenetics (PGx) utilizing RT-PCR to help identify the most effective medication(s) for your residents.

    Rapid Results

    With some of the fastest TATs in our industry, we deliver blood results within 8 hours of lab receipt, molecular pathology results within 24 hours of lab receipt. Urgent STAT orders and results available by request 24/7/365.

    Online Portal

    Residents and providers have easy access to lab results through our online patient portal, which can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

    Customer Support

    Principle Laboratory offers premium lab testing with a personal touch. Our goal is to streamline and improve the testing process as much as possible for patients, physicians, and providers. To achieve this, our processes are backed by a friendly customer service team that provides ongoing support and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

    Skilled Nursing Lab Testing

    As a leading provider of Houston, TX skilled nursing facility lab services (SNF), we understand the unique needs of the long-term care industry. Our licensed mobile phlebotomists travel onsite to administer testing based on your facility’s requirements and schedule. We are committed to providing better outcomes and quality of life for both patients and providers.

    Nursing labs are usually collected early in the morning and expected to be ready by the time the doctor sees the patient. We make it easy for nursing homes to receive lab results as soon as they get published through our user-friendly online portal, ensuring that all results are received on time with 8-hour TAT on blood samples and 24-hour TAT on UTI, nail and wound molecular pathology.

    Lab Testing

    Houston Skilled Nursing Lab Services

    Our Houston skilled nursing lab services include mobile phlebotomists who travel onsite at your preferred time and collect testing samples from as many patients as needed. Specimens are immediately transported to our lab for processing to return results as quickly as possible. We also assign a dedicated account manager to provide ongoing support and answer any questions.

    We understand the importance of making sure that residents are comfortable during the blood drawing process. Our skilled nursing phlebotomists are experienced with the geriatric population to make sure the drawing process is pain-free for patients. We also make it easier on providers by allowing you to submit a variety of specimens for testing through a single channel rather than having to send samples to different lab locations.

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    Industries We Serve

    Principle Laboratory provides an array of lab tests, fast results, and a customized portal to a variety of healthcare industries.

    Assisted Living Facilities

    Home Healthcare

    Long-Term Acute Care Hospital

    Skilled Nursing Facilities

    Drug & Substance Treatment Centers

    Physician Offices

    Reference Lab & Research Partnerships