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    The Principle Promise

    Blood Testing

    Principle Laboratory provides blood testing for customers needing chemistry, hematology, coagulation, immunoassay, and HPLC testing.

    Wellness Testing

    Our services offer total panels for wellness testing covering hormones, lipid panels, diabetes testing, and much more.

    Respiratory Pathogen Testing

    Our comprehensive Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP) test provides rapid, accurate results that will improve patient outcomes by quickly identifying the specific virus.

    Rapid Results

    Our state-of-the-art blood testing services guarantee blood, wellness, and respiratory pathogen results within 24 hours or less. We also offer STAT testing upon request.

    Attentive Customer Service

    At Principle Laboratory, our customer service team is readily available to provide you with the support you need to best care for your patients.

    Online Portal & HL7 Interfaces

    We offer a user-friendly online portal that conveniently provides you with quick access to lab results. We offer HL7 interfaces to allow for orders and results to come through your EHR.

    Generate Revenue by Expanding Your Test Menu

    Our national reference lab service allows on-premise labs to offer a more extensive variety of testing through “send out” partnerships and lab-to-lab agreements. We work behind the scenes as a silent partner with you exclusively and do not communicate with your customers unless requested to do so by you.

    We make it easier on you by allowing you to submit a variety of specimens for testing through a single channel rather than having to send your customers to multiple labs. We can assist you in giving your consumers the impression that you are a “one-stop-shop” for all testing. Think of us as your all-inclusive partner for wholesale lab testing. We offer our broad testing menu, outstanding reliability, and quick turnaround time at a competitive rate to enhance your lab’s service.

    Vials of blood for testing

    Reference/Research Partnership Options

    Oftentimes, physicians, hospitals and research outfits would like to offer laboratory testing services through their facility but don’t want the headache of managing equipment or overhead costs associated with running a laboratory internally. To solve this issue, a physician or hospital can set up a reference laboratory on-location by partnering with Principle Laboratory to contract out all of their testing needs. A reference lab can effectively offer our entire portfolio of testing services to its patients by partnering with us.

    We make it easier on you by allowing you to submit a variety of specimens for testing through a single channel rather than having to send your customers to multiple labs. Our reference service allows on-premise labs to offer a wider variety of testing.

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    Reference Partnership Options Available

    Industries We Serve

    Principle Laboratory provides an array of lab tests, fast results, and a customized portal to a variety of healthcare industries.

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    Skilled Nursing Facilities

    Physician Offices

    Reference Lab & Research Partnerships