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    Texas Molecular Pathology Testing Services

    We offer diagnostic testing in the areas of infectious disease and pharmacogenetics (PGx) utilizing RT-PCR.

    Antibiotic Resistance Testing

    We offer both phenotypical and genetics antibiotic resistance testing for:

    • ESBL (Extended-spectrum beta lactamase)
    • MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
    • Van (Vancomycin)
    • Cre (Carbapenems-resistance)
    • Quinolones
    • Trimethoprim-Sulfonamide
    • Fosfomycin

    Antibiogram available upon request


    Common viral infections can be deadly, especially in high-risk groups. We average results in 24 hours or less but no later than 48 hours. The billed charge to third party insurance for COVID-19 PCR is $250. Patient out of pocket expense not to exceed $100.


    Fungal or bacterial infection usually cause cosmetic problems, with pain and slightly foul odor in more severe cases. Treatment with antifungal or antibiotic medications is usually sufficient. In severe cases the nail would be removed, infection may last longer or come back after treatment. In those cases, establishing the cause of infection and appropriate treatment is critical for recovery. Our test includes detection of 18 fungi and bacterial pathogens with antibiotic susceptibility.


    UTIs are a leading cause of acute kidney infection, sepsis and numerous negative medical conditions for patients of all ages. PCR testing delivers more comprehensive results within 24 hours.


    Chronic wounds cause substantial morbidity and disability in the population. Our comprehensive panel offers 33 aerobic, anaerobic pathogens and yeast for detection.

    Pharmacogenomic Testing (PGx)

    PGx is used to find out the response of individuals to specific medications. Our test detects polymorphisms in gene encoding drug metabolism enzymes (DMEs) and associated transport proteins. Our test menu provides coverage of essential, commonly studied markers within CYP2D6, CYP2C9, CYP2C19, and other important DMEs related to common drugs used for behavioral and cardiovascular treatment.

    Culture vs PCR Chart

    The conventional culture method suffers from long turnaround times. Additionally, cultural conditions may not be suitable for all pathogens present in the sample. Real time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) techniques overcome these problems. RT-PCR is an incredibly specific, sensitive, and targeted assay with 24h TAT, including antimicrobial resistance.

    Vials being tested

    Fast & Accurate Molecular Pathology Results

    Our Molecular Pathology Department performs diagnostic testing in the areas of infectious diseases and pharmacogenetics (PGx) utilizing commercial and in-house developed assays. A key strength of our laboratory is the development and validation of cutting edge tests in-house, with the goal of translating basic molecular knowledge to the actual practice of clinical medicine. Our laboratory is well equipped with the latest instrumentation and technology.

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