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    Drug Monitoring For Treatment Centers

    Drug monitoring in treatment centers significantly decreases the risk of relapse and helps pave the road to a patient’s full recovery.

    Prescription Drug Monitoring

    Prescription drug monitoring is important in maintaining an effective prescription treatment plan throughout recovery and are monitored at the start of a treatment plan until blood concentrations stabilize.

    Urine Toxicology

    Urine toxicology is one of the most widely accepted testing methods, detecting recent use of roughly 1-3 days. It is extremely cost-effective while covering a wide range of drug substances from Marijuana metabolites to Benzodiazepines.

    Oral Fluid Toxicology

    The use of saliva to test for substance abuse is another highly effective avenue to take when screening drug treatment center patients. Due to recent developments in oral fluid testing, this method is becoming a widely used alternative to blood and urine toxicology.

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    Multiple Diagnostic Testing Services Available

    Many smaller labs only offer toxicology performed on an analyzer. We are able to offer toxicology performed on HPLC-MS/MS (high-performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry) as well as Urine Toxicology, Oral Fluid Toxicology, and Blood Chemistry Testing.

    All-in-one Convenience: Use One Lab For All Testing

    We make it easier on you by allowing you to submit a variety of specimens for testing through a single channel rather than having to send your customers to multiple labs. We can assist you in giving your patients the impression that you are a “one-stop-shop” for all testing.

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