Dallas, TX Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) Lab Services

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  • Mobile Phlebotomy
  • Clinical Chemistry: 8 Hour Blood TAT
  • Molecular Pathology: 24-Hour TAT on UTI, Wound & Nail
  • Lab Open 24/7/365

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    What We Offer

    Blood Testing

    Principle Laboratory provides blood testing for patients who require chemistry, hematology, coagulation, immunoassay, and HPLC testing.

    Specialty Testing

    We perform molecular pathology testing for UTI, nail and wound to expedite results and guide treatment. We also offer PGX testing to help identify and prescribe the right medications.

    Mobile Phlebotomy

    Our mobile phlebotomists travel onsite, collect and process lab samples, and post results online. We are especially skilled in venipuncture for the geriatric population and administer all testing with respect, care, and patience.

    Rapid Results

    Our state-of-the-art testing equipment produces blood results within 8 hours, molecular pathology results within 24 hours, and toxicology results within 72 hours of lab receipt with STAT testing available.

    Attentive Customer Service

    At Principle Laboratory, patients are our purpose. That’s why our customer support team is available and happy to help with any questions, concerns, and orders.

    Online Portal & HL7 Interfaces

    We offer a user-friendly online portal that provides quick access to lab results and HL7 interfaces to allow data to come through your EHR.

    Senior Living Lab Services

    As a leading Dallas TX assisted living facilities (ALF) lab services provider, Principle Laboratory understands the unique needs of assisted living facilities and offers a range of onsite senior living lab services for maximum care, quality, and convenience. Our licensed mobile phlebotomists specialize in venipuncture for the geriatric population.

    We administer a range of laboratory testing services for ALF and senior living residents in Dallas County and the surrounding areas. Our proximity care approach and secure online results portal make sample collection as convenient as possible.

    Lab testing

    Dallas ALF Lab Testing Services

    A team of highly skilled technicians performs our Dallas ALF lab testing services. We work hard to ensure all our patients have a seamless testing experience with our robust mobile phlebotomy team, easy-to-use online portal, and cutting-edge laboratory. Our testing lab is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

    We provide extensive testing services from blood lab and microbiology to molecular and toxicology testing. Principle Laboratory is your one-stop shop for all testing needs! We make it easy to submit various samples and receive results on one platform so that you can do everything through one single lab vs. dealing with multiple providers.

    Call Now – (832) 932-5968
    Lab testing

    Industries We Serve

    Principle Laboratory provides an array of lab tests, fast results, and a customized portal to a variety of healthcare industries.

    Assisted Living Facilities

    Home Healthcare

    Long-Term Acute Care Hospital

    Skilled Nursing Facilities

    Drug & Substance Treatment Centers

    Physician Offices

    Reference Lab & Research Partnerships