Principle Health Systems manages a CLIA-licensed genetics laboratory offering the most useful and affordable genetic testing available today. All tests are saliva-based and have rapid turnaround times. Genetic counselors and pharmacologists are available for physician and patient consultation.

  • Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing ensures patients, both children and adults, will properly metabolize the drugs they are prescribed and identifies potentially adverse drug-to-drug interactions. This testing assists the physician in modifying drug therapies on a patient by patient basis.
  • Oncology PGx (OncoPGx) is an oncology-specific PGx panel. OncoPGx examines the drugs most commonly used in cancer treatment. Our largest panel, OncoPGx Plus combines the tests above to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s drug treatment plan.
  • OncoPGx Breast/Ovarian and OncoPGx Colo/GI are two of our top-selling indication-specific OncoPGx panels.
  • Nutrigenomics assesses the effects of an individual’s genetic makeup on the absorption and use of vitamins and nutrients in the body. This information will be unique to each individual because of their unique genetic makeup and results in unique nutritional treatment plans for the prevention and treatment of disease.