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Helping Physicians Obtain Faster, More Accurate Diagnoses

At Principle Health Systems, we understand that a quick and accurate diagnosis is critical to providing high-quality medical care.

PHS provides physicians with a comprehensive selection of medical diagnostic services performed directly within their practice. Our expert Technical Specialists are highly-trained and equipped to perform all onsite diagnostic, laboratory, pharmaceutical, and logistic services. Our ability to deliver diagnostics directly to you leads to higher compliance rates amongst patients and better treatment outcomes.

Additionally, the all-encompassing nature of our diagnostic and laboratory services provides you with the tools, equipment, and staff necessary to complete all required tests, ensuring a reduction in inefficiencies caused by working with multiple providers. We also provide our partner physicians with third-party assessments of patient injuries or conditions.

Principle Diagnostics

Medical Diagnostic Laboratories in Texas

Electromyography & Nerve Conduction Velocity Testing (EMG/NCV)

EMG/NCV diagnostic tests assess the health of the peripheral nervous system. These test results uncover the nature and location of issues such as nerve/muscle dysfunction and failures in nerve-to-muscle signal transmission.

Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM)

IONM is used in both routine and complex procedures for real-time evaluation of the spinal cord and peripheral nerves. It can also be utilized for pain management treatments, including RFTC and spinal cord stimulator placement.

A Proximity Care Approach

Our proximity care approach is the driving force that sets us apart and positions Principle Health Systems as a leader in diagnostic and laboratory services in the United States. We are uniquely equipped to provide our partner physicians with all the necessary services to help achieve a rapid and accurate diagnosis right on-site.

The comfort and satisfaction of both physicians and patients alike are our top priorities. In addition to our efficient diagnosis services, we also staff a responsive and attentive customer relations team, willing to work alongside you to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Customer Testimonials

Started a relationship with Principle last year with Touchstone Communities in our Houston area Communities. That was the start. This was followed with our new company, ML Healthcare. We wanted to continue this partnership with Principle in our new facility, Cypress Pointe Health and Wellness. Working with Principle has been great! They are true Partners in our healthcare facilities. Our organization values our relationship with Principle, and we look forward to continuing this relationship in our new facility – Sylvan Shores Health and Wellness.

Lee Rivaz

Fast and Friendly Service! Thank you Principle Health for keeping everyone safe during the testing process with your thorough cleanliness standards.

Priscilla Diosdado


Principle Health Systems specializes in proximity care for providers throughout Texas.

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