Personalized Service. Precision Medicine.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to optimize patient outcomes and experiences through personalized service, precision medicine and data analytics.


Our vision is to be the standard for innovation in healthcare products and services through advanced methods and technology while maintaining an unsurpassed commitment to serving our providers and patients.


Our core values serve to guide Principle Health Systems’ daily conduct and business decisions at all levels of the organization, while establishing the foundation of a high-performance culture.

  • Integrity: PHS adheres to the highest level of compliance and ethical standards in its business decisions and daily behavior.
  • Service Excellence: PHS provides its customers and partners with “the best, world-class mobile healthcare services and products” in an efficient and responsible manner.
  • Quality: PHS is dedicated to delivering excellent results for all-around satisfaction from our customers and partners through teamwork and transparency.
  • Innovation: PHS is committed to finding efficient ways to create enhanced solutions that meet the industry standards, meet unarticulated business needs, and exceed market trends.
  • Collaboration: PHS promotes a culture of high-performance interactions created through employee, customer and partner engagement.