Ancillary Medical Services

Trusted by Physicians to Help Provide Better Patient Outcomes


Principle Health Systems offers an extensive list of services to help our partner physicians operate efficient practices and deliver high-quality care while also providing them a profitable way to increase value per visit for their patients.

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As a physician-owned company, we understand the importance that all physicians place on improving patient care. Our ancillary services deliver better outcomes to your diverse patient base quickly and more affordably while offering those patients more value per visit, improving convenience and compliance.

Our Services



We utilize proprietary testing methodologies designed to support improved clinical decision-making.


Our multiple specialty pharmacy locations are devoted to clinical excellence.


We provide our partner physicians with a third-party assessment of a patient’s injury or condition.


We offer a full range of screening, diagnostic imaging and radiology procedures.


Response to medications can vary. At times, this can be attributed to variations in genes.

Hormone Testing

Hormone testing can help physicians address a variety of patient issues, including the presence of severe pain.

Friendly, Professional Staff

The team at Principle Health Systems is growing at an impressive rate. We are a combination of physicians and corporate/professional staff with the same goal, to help our partner physicians and patients to experience quality, cutting edge care and quality outcomes, while also saving money. We focus on superior clinical and financial performance.

Our Team
20James M. Dieter III, NP-C, D.C. - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


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